Special Services

Pre-Surgical Screenings

Dr. Chase holds extensive experience in providing surgery candidates with psychological evaluations when requested by their physicians to undergo pre-surgical mental health screening. Surgeries include bariatric, elective cosmetic, spinal implant, and nerve stimulators.

Fitness for Duty and Pre-Employment Screening

Employers sometimes require specialized psychological evaluation for various reasons including risk, personality, competence, cogntiive profile, disability status, safety, and fitness for specific job functions. Dr. Chase has provided pre-employment evaluation services for various professions including pilots, homeland security, border patrol, physicians, and executives.

Disability Accommodations and Resources

In the process of requesting and obtaining accommodations for a disability, assessment and documentation is often a necessary step. Dr. Chase regularly provides testing, diagnostics, and evaluations for disabilities including those related to mental health conditions, learning disabilities, and neurological disorders. Accommodations may be related to examinations (e.g. Bar Exam, MCAT, ACT, GRE, etc.), living situations, service animals, workplace conditions and job functions, or academics. Petitions for disability-related income also require formal evaluation.