Dr. Chase’s Background

Clinical Psychologist PSY29339

I began in clinical psychology as a keen assessor and thrived in diagnostic and research areas of my field. As a child and teenager, I found that people’s personality differences and behavioral diversity gripped my attention and fascination. Adults asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” My answer was, “Figure people out, and hopefully help.” Although my doctoral program was a Doctor of Psychology degree, rather than a Doctor of Philosophy, I focused much of my professional development in the area of research and empirical psychology, but with the intent of bringing this expertise into clinical practice. Before completion of my terminal degree, I began teaching, as well as writing and presenting in diverse areas of human psychology ranging from intimate partner conflict to affective neuroscience. Over a period of multiple years, I accumulated many jobs and roles in the private sector, public sector, and higher education.

Eventually, I found that testing and evaluations was the area in which I thrived most of all, and could make the impact I desired. With a passion for the science of psychometrics, personality dynamics, and providing people with much-needed answers and recommendations, I made the decision to dedicate my career exclusively to the practice of testing and evaluations. I now provide psychological, neuropsychological, and psychoeducational evaluations on a full-time basis, though I still occasionally provide lectures, writings, and other contributions to the field and community. Genuinely loving what I do for work, I am constantly updating my repertoire of techniques, my library of tests, and my literacy in various domains of scientific research. Having taught and published in multiple subfields of psychological science and clinical practice, I make every attempt to integrate my communicative personality, my enthusiasm, my style as an educator, and my expertise into a maximized experience for those who seek my services. An evaluation should, in itself, bring therapeutic value, direction, and forward-looking guidance. This is my intent with every new face I meet in my office.

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